Last year’s Scarecrow contest was so popular we are doing it again! This year the prize is a $100 smackeroos, a trophy, and top bragging rights for the best-decorated yard in Washington Square!

This year the theme is We’re “Fall” in This Together!



Washington SQuare Neighborhood Associaiton

Scarecrows are always great but we thought, why stop there? So this year we’ve opened it up . You can decorate any way you want! It can be that art installation piece you’ve always wanted to do, a seasonal tribute or some spooky decorations. As long as it represents the theme of fall and togetherness!

The Rules:

1.) 6 x 6 SQUARE FEET. that is the max size allowed for participating neighbors to decorate their yard. If you want to decorate a larger space go for it. But only decorations within the 6′ x 6′ area are to be judged. This will help to keep the competition fair to those who may have smaller yards.

2.) PRIZE $100 CASH & TROPHY: To qualify for the prize each entry must contain in some form either a PPE (personal protection equipment) or a crown to represent that we all live in Pasadena’s namesake “The Crown City”. It can also contain both

3.) DEADLINE: The completion of your yard entry needs to be by October 24th at 6pm . The winner will be announced on October 25th at 3pm! Via Zoom Check back here on Oct 25th to find out the winner live on zoom at this link !

4.)JUDGING: This year the judges are all of you! That’s right, everyone will receive a ballot in their mailbox. Only one ballot per household is allowed and it can be dropped off at 1131 Palm Terrace. Ballots must be dropped off and filled out by Oct 25th at 11am.

5) TO ENTER CONTEST: Simply email WASHSQPASADENA@GMAIL.COM to register. This way we can add your yard to the contest map so neighbors can find your yard!


Ps. If by chance you did not receive a ballot for voting you can print one HERE!


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