Washington Square Block Party Info 2016


Congratulations you’ve made it to the Washington Block Party page! If you are looking for info on how to enter the Chili Cook-Off Contest and details on the Washington Square bike and scooter parade please keep reading!


Block Party 2016 flyer
Block Party 2016 flyer CLICK TO ENLARGE

Yep that’s right! This year we’re having the first official Washington Square Chili Cook-Off competition! Do you think your chili has what it takes to win a $50 Cash gift card and bragging rights to having “The Best Darn Chili On The Block”?

Well then it’s time to dust off that secret recipe, pull that crock pot down from the shelf, roll up your sleeves and Sign Up Below





Hey! kids,  we want this year’s Block Party to go out with a bang! So come join us and the John Muir Drum Corps for the Washington Square Bike & Scooter Parade! Everyone is welcome to show off their wheels by embellishing  them with fun colors, decorations and whatever your imagination can think of!  Then follow behind the band as they play everyone’s favorite marching tunes!

Currently, the Drum Corp is scheduled to play around 5:30ish.