Pasadena Under Citrus Quarantine

In Washington Square many of us are fortunate to have the ability to walk outside and pick fresh oranges or lemons right from a tree in our backyard. Or perhaps we get our fresh citrus from a nearby farmers market.

With that in mind, the WSNA wants to let you know that the city of Pasadena has ordered a citrus quarantine and state officials are telling residents not to take home-grown or non-commercial citrus fruit out of the area due to a slow-moving bacteria that has caused millions of dollars of loss across the country. Click here for more information

The Asian Citrus Psyllid feeding on a citrus leaf.

The pathogen causes the huanglongbing disease and can be transferred from one citrus tree to another by the Asian Citrus Psyllid, a sap-sucking pest that can carry the bacteria from one tree to another as it feeds. The bacteria can also be transferred by grating cuttings from one tree to another.


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